Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Embalmer totally rip. Born in the steaming bowels of Cleveland, Ohio in 1991, they mashed together a horrific blend of grinding death metal and tortured howls into something sickening, brutal, and balls-crushingly good. Band members came and went, but Embalmer carried on, releasing a couple demos and a 7" on Relapse before their proper 1997 debut, "There Was Blood Everywhere". I don't remember where or how I got a cassette of this album, but I'm really glad I did. The production is shit and the playing is sloppy, but Embalmer is one of those bands that SHOULD sound like that. The ultra-doomy Cookie Monster vocals mesh with the almost Macabre-esque high-end shrieks beatifully, the drums blast incessantly for almost the whole album, and the guitar and bass are drenched in enough distortion to make Cannibal Corpse blush. Putrid, disgusting deathgrind to kill kittens to!

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