Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Consider these 4 album covers:

Anything strike you as odd? If you answered, "hey, why do all those dudes have antlers?", then you win. Man-antlers (or "mantlers") seem to be leaking, like so much noxious gas, into the universal heavy metal lexicon. Why, you ask? I would have to answer with a qualified "I don't know". Are antlers very metal? Not really:

So why mantlers? Deer are probably nature's wussiest creation. If I asked you to name one famous deer, I would bet dollars-to-donuts that you would answer "Bambi". Bambi is not very brutal, But apparently Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Mastodon,and Skeleton Witch think otherwise. Am I missing something here?

I guess the only place to go from here is a giant biomechanical warrior WITH MANTLERS. I bet that would spin some domes.

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A Fat Bearded Dude said...

The dude from baroness did the artwork for skeletonwitch. My roomate got a skeletonwitch shirt that totally redeems the antlers. I'm going to see acdc tonight I'll get you some light up angus devil horns. I hope they play rock n roll walmart, for those about to drop prices we salute you.