Monday, December 15, 2008


A classic slab of Acid Death from Montreal's Gorguts. Upon first listen, we are instantly assaulted by a strange wah-wahed out metal riff, followed by a grinding beat, followed by an insane bass riff that kinda goes REENK REENK ROINK DOINK DOINK FLING... Followed by this abstract, tappy, hammer-on riff that makes no sense at all.

What the Hell?

This ain't your Dad's Gorguts, not the same band we all grew to love on 'Considered Dead' and 'Erosion of Sanity'. This is a weirder, darker beast, twisted on 13 hits of blotter acid and coming to slay you with churning blades and spurting venom. This is some brutal, abstract shit, wrong in all the right ways. The intensity lasts for the entire length of this 60-minute album, sometimes grinding to an agonizing crawl, sometimes leaping to light speed with no warning. Frenzied, cosmic, cacophonous shredding.

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