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Right: Shelby Cobras, Summer 2011

Contrary to popular belief, the cast and crew here at ICHQ are broke as shit. Sure, we rake in millions every quarter with our corporate advertising tie-ins, illegal narcotics trafficking, book and movie deals, sponsorships, and the assorted odd jobs we take on (often running the gamut from janitor to party clown), but we have bills to pay. Shit, the overhead to rent out this castle in the Scottish countryside is astronomical in itself, but when you figure in all the coke, hookers, bacon, and malt liquor it requires to maintain the level of genius our readers are accustomed to, we bareley even break even. Shit, factor in Seanford's burgeoning addiction to blinis with caviar and crème fraîche, and we actually end up a little bit in the red at the end of the month. We're broke motherfuckers. Just like you.
Luckily, we live in a world where you don't need a ton of cash to have an immense music collection. If you're savvy, you can get whatever the fuck you want (media-wise), free of charge, whenever the fuck you want it, and the only price you've gotta pay is a small twinge of guilt towards the artists, corporations, execs, producers, etc. that you're stealing from. Yeah, it's kinda shitty to download stuff from hard-working underground bands who are themselves trying to break even, but hey, do like we do here at IC: BUY A T-SHIRT. BUY A PHYSICAL COPY. BUY A POSTER. I'm not saying Kanye West is hurting for your cash, but that grindcore band from the next town over probably is. Throw those fuckers a bone.

Yes, the modern world of music and media can be strange and confusing, even for super fucking rich dudes (left). Do I buy it or do I steal it? Can I afford to feed my music addiction honestly while still keeping the electricity on? Why do CD's still cost $15? What's this weird rash on my scrotum? But lucky for cheapskates like you and me, there's lots of awesome bands out there willing to give their shit away for free, which seems like the only sensible way to do it anymore. No guilt, no remorse--these guys will actually come to you to give you their shit, free of financial obligation or corporate interference. May the Gods bless them.
Below, you will find two such generous entities, Glasgow, Scotland's CO-EXIST and Los Angeles, California's SOLAR WIMP. Both groups volunteered their new albums to me via email ( in the last week or so, and I am eternally grateful. Rest assured, I will have these two albums on repeat as I try to scrape together enough cash for my next Nino's Bellisima pizza.


IC Scotsbro Dawson is one of two singers that front this long-running (12 years and counting) metal band, and was indeed kind enough to send a copy my way just a few days ago. From what I gather, Co-Exist had the pleasure of opening for Napalm Death at a local show recently, and their Cookie Monster vocals, frenzied blasting, and crunchy riffage immediately bring to mind the later material of that very band. But don't pigeon-hole them as just another grind clone. Their vocals are all over the place (from screechy to clean and back), their samples are frequent and well chosen, and they mosh just as hard as they thrash. They even got Joe from Man Must Die on board to contribute vocals for a track ("A Violent Process"). Long story short, Co-Exist are five Hessian warriors with their hearts 100% in the right place, and it reflects in their music. Epic stuff.

Download HERE

Co-Exist Myspace/Last.FM/Metallum


Offering numero dos comes courtesy of Brother Mark, who shreds balls in the post-post-post(?) metal mathcore freakout known as Solar Wimp. These guys have a definite talent for ass-backwards composition and mind-bending time changes, although never at the expense of their omnipresent, soul-crushing heaviness. Comparisons to bands like Dysrhythmia or even Combat Astronomy (remember them?) are inevitable, but Solar Wimp has something neither of those bands possess: VOCALS.
Excellently executed and balls-kickingly nasty.

I found this writeup to be rather succinct and accurate:

"Struts for the Interior is the second release from three-headed post prog slut, Solar Wimp. Produced by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business), it's an experimental rock construct wrought by nimble fingers and heavy hands. Impatient with post metal's slow-pooling builds, the skilled lineup is sparing with effects and generous with frenetic time. Melding math and myth, Solar Wimp's steep drops and convulsive spirals are decidedly unstable. Struts for the Interior is available exclusively as a pay-as-you-like download at"

Download HERE

Solar Wimp Myspace/Facebook/Last.FM

Bonus shit: Solar Wimp's Myspace page also contains a plethora of creepy, IC-approved Photoshop creations, three of which as featured below...

Thanks again, dudes.

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