Thursday, February 3, 2011


Abhorer first formed under the name Tombcrusher in Singapore in 1987, and are widely credited as the second Asian black metal band in history, just behind Japan's Sabbat. And while Sabbat's Bro-Cred is absolutely unquestionable, Abhorer's particular blend of blackened deathrash is quite a bit more violent, ugly, and blast-laden. Releasing a string of demos, splits, and singles throughout the end of the 80's and the beginning of the 90's, their only proper full-length came almost a decade into their career, in the form of the angularly-named Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt. And this thing is 100% worth the wait.
I don't usually publish track listings with my downloads, but I had to make an exception on this one. Fuck this band rules.

1. Invoking Nana Sahib, Satyrical Goat of Mendes
2. Concubinal Celibatic Myrmidonian Whores
3. Abandonment of Chastity
4. Hymeneal Altar of Messianic Salacitation
5. Phlegethonic Sybaritical Demimonde
6. Dom Abaddoniel Abysstic Demonolatry
7. Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
8. Expiation of Seraphic Patriarch
9. Saith... Empyrean Sabaoth of Azarak

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Grk! said...

Cheerz. 'Rumpus of the Undead' is still their best.