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Hasn't anyone told you about the fuckin' Pleiadians yet, man? They're, like, here to save us from ourselves, man. They came all the way from the Seven Sisters System, man, all the way out in, like, Taurus. No, not the Arcturians, man! Those dudes come from a planet of blue crystal and only function at a fifth-dimensional level! That's like saying a Zeta Reticulan Grey is from Orion or confusing a Draco Mothman and an Alpha Draconian reptilian shapeshifter. Pull it together, man.
Here. Hit this this weed while I educate you about our Pleiadian cousins. And don't knock over my didj.

A brief explanation of the Pleiadian phenomenon from

- Home System

This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus, 420 light years from planet Earth. The names of the seven stars in the Pleiades system are Taygeta, Maya, Coela, Atlas, Merope, Electra, Alcoyne. The Pleiadians reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, one of ten planets that circle their sun, Tayget. Other pleiadians would live on the planets Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal.

- Origin

Around 225,000 B.C., the Pleiadians discovered a small sun system with a planet called Earth on one of their scouting missions away from the Pleiades.

The Galactic Federation allowed the Pleiadians to enter into a incarnational cycle with humans on Earth. The places designated for them to do this was Bali, Hawaii, Samoa and India. Civilizations came and went on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and natural disasters, between 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D. The Pleiadians stayed with humans on Earth until 10 A.D. trying to help develop various civilizations such as Lemuria, Maya, Inca and a civilzation at Machu Picchu. They also were trying to guide humans toward a more spiritual path.

At about 10 A.D.; the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good, because Pleiadians finally achieved peace back home in the Pleiades. They felt it was time for humans to evolve on their own. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel, who later was known as Jesus. Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary who was of Lyran descent.

Earth continued to evolve on its own without direct Pleiadian leadership till our present time. In the very near future, as Earth enters the Photon Band by year 2000, the Pleiadians are going to help bring all humans on Earth into the light.

- Habits

The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra. About 400,000 people live on Erra, which the Pleiadians feel is the ideal amount for the welfare of their planet. The people of Erra are telepathic and therefore have no need for telephones. There means of travel around the planet is done by a tube system. The Pleiadians are primarily vegeterians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their health by using their own mental powers. The average age of a Pleiadian is 700 years. Their skin is whiter and smoother than ours.

The Pleiadians have no currency as we know it; they share the resources of their planet with all the people. All material goods are given to the people freely, based on their contribution to their society.

When children are born into the Pleiadian society, they are taught for the first ten years to understand the purpose of their lives. The children then spend the next sixty to seventy years being educated in various occupations.

Pleiadians travel in spacecrafts called a Beamship. They have different sizes for different useage. They are approximately 21 feet in diameter, can carry several people and have interplantary capabilities. Beamships can travel billions of miles in a part of a second by traveling in hyperspace. Because of this ability, the trip from Erra in Pleiades to Earth takes only seven hours.

The Pleiadians will land along with other benevolent extraterrestrials after the major changes have occured on Earth. When we are in The Photon Band by year 2000, the Pleiadians will bring in Mother Ships to help the survivors of Earth with food and temporary shelter.

... Billy Meier was contacted over 130 times between 1976 and 1982 by a
female named Samjese who said she was from the star system Pleiades. She was the first to telepathically contact Meier and tell him where to go for the first physical contact. Meier had in-depth conversations with Samjese. The contact notes are published in the following four books:

- Contact From The Pleiades, Vol I (PDF)
- Contact From The Pleiades, Vol II (PDF)
- Contact From The Pleiades: Prelimary & Supplementary Investigation Reports (PDF)
- Message From The Pleiades, Vol 1 & 2: Light Years (partial PDF?)

Messages from Pleiadians cosmonauts Samjese, Ptaah, Quetzal, and Sfath (via Billy Meier), courtesy of Psychedelic Adventure:

"The purpose of our life is for us to evolve - the advancement and continued development of our being at a constant pace to ever higher levels. The purpose of evolution lies within the concept of achieving the highest possible human development, including love, harmony, ability, knowledge and wisdom. Evolution not only serves to bring human entities to a high level of knowledge and wisdom so they may lead a life in harmony with Creation's laws and commandments and the like: Through our evolution we also assist Creation with Its own evolution.

Just as humans and nearly all life is in need of evolutionary advancement, so, too, is Creation, the Universal Consciousness. Even Creation is only relatively perfect and It must evolve to ascend to higher forms of Its own existence. And to achieve Its objective, Creation requires human beings who evolve over the course of billions of years into pure-spirit-forms and from these into still higher forms of existence, extending through to the Petale level. There occurs the transition into Creation, into the Universal Consciousness, and transpires the unification, the "becoming one." In this manner Creation assimilates these former human spirit forms, which have by then evolved to their own highest level and which, initially, had originated from Creation in order for It to evolve through these human entities.

During their unification with Creation, all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom are also absorbed by Creation, and thus It elevates Its own evolution by a fraction of an iota, and advances some time later into the next higher Creation level. After an incredibly long time, this subsequent Creation continues evolving until it becomes one with the Absolute Absolutum.

The Absolute Absolutum is the highest level and all-encompassing form a Creation can attain, and yet even the Absolute Absolutum must continue Its evolution process into all-Great-Time and chronological endlessness."

You might be wondering why the Pleiadians only chose to speak through Billy Meier, and why he considers anyone else claiming contact with them (and there are many) to be perpetrating a hoax. The reasons, of course, are not monetary. They come straight from the Pleiadian mouth:

From the 232nd Contact on November 17, 1989

Ptaah: "... It still must be clarified that no other human beings or spirit forms or other powers of our allies in the Federation maintain contacts with humans on earth, accidentally, unconsciously or consciously; therefore neither in physical nor telepathic nor in any other form. Claims to the contrary by some human beings of earth, no matter from which region throughout the world, are nothing but conscious or unconscious lies, deceit and fraudulent actions; or they are simply activities to make a profit through dishonesty by liars, deceivers, delusional people, profit seekers, busy-bodies or those who consciously falsify the truth through their own fanaticism and hatred…"

From the 251st Contact on February 3, 1995

Ptaah: "Now that we have withdrawn from Earth, I want to reiterate the issue, once again, that neither we Plejarans nor any of the allies within our federation are maintaining any contacts whatsoever with terrestrial human beings; neither in a physical nor a telepathic form.

All of the people who claim to be in contact with Pleiadians should be ashamed of themselves."

Visit Steelmark Online for further enlightenment.

Billy Meier/Wikipedia


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