Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Let's continue for a bit with my current fixation on Finnish death metal, eh?
The oddly-named Lubricant came from the region known as Nokia in that fair country, and played a very odd variation on their national brand of sludgy, old school metal. Long story short, Lubricant progged out pretty fucking hard (and even employed clean vocals from time to time), creating a weird, swirly mix of off-kilter post-thrash ultimately pleasing to both the ears and the Hessian soul.
Though their run was short (they produced only a couple demos and a four-way split 7" besides this 6-song EP), Lubricant forged their own sound quickly and effectively, establishing themselves as one of the more interesting oddities in the Finnish metal pantheon.
Download Nookleptia, grow a beard, get naked, and sit on a rock in the middle of a lake with it for awhile. It'll be hella chill, I promise.

Download HERE



Grk! said...

'Swallow the Symmetric Swab' is an ace demo, especially the song with the quacking.

alkup said...

Thanks! It's been nearly two decades since I last heard them - still very very good.