Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreaming Dead

You may have read about these guys on City of Devils (here and here) or maybe you remember something Cosmo wrote over at his Pulitzer worthy fanzine (maybe here or here). Or if you don't read, maybe you have a bro who's lookin out and dropped some DreamyD into a flash drive when you guys were exchanging four gigs of obscure blackened death metal the other day. Or, maybe I'm that bro.

Dreaming Dead evolved out of a band called Manslaughter (terrible name, right?) and shares members with Exhausted Prayer (an LA based NWOABM band you will learn more about in a future post). Guitars and vocals are handled by Elizabeth Schall and the band just added another female guitar shredder to the line up which is a totally unfair monopoly on local talent. They have a new album coming out this year and I'm expecting some extra tasty blackened death metal with a lot of melody, a lot of absurd blasting and a ton of harmonized leads. And even though I know they just added the second guitar in order to keep up with another certain female fronted LA metal band I wont name (cough, cough) I can't stay mad at them. Dreaming Dead is easily one of my favorite bands to share a stage with and I'm genuinely stoked about their new record. Here's the first one, it'll keep you warm till the new one gets here.



Manslaughter said...

I dunno. You're hair is getting as long as your eyelashes...could be major competition.

Silas said...

are you guys down with Jag Panzer or not? the people need to know