Friday, February 11, 2011


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Dale Earnhardt Les Paul Guitar - $3000 (petaluma)

"Selling my Dale Earnhardt Les Paul Guitar made by Gibson. Its number 063 which is also a multiple of 3 and also 63 of only 333 items made. Its a great piece and is perfect condition!
Im asking $3000 obo if your interested give me an email.

Description: This instrument is one of 333 authorized for production by Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Designed by artist and illustrator Sam Bass and produced by the Gibson Custom, Art & Historic Division, this guitar is to be a lasting tribute to the legendary style and remarkable career of Dale Earnhardt.

Sam Bass is basically a living legend in the NASCAR circuit, and has designed guitars for such music legends as Keith Urban (below) and, welll... Keith Urban. His creations are totally NOT an eyesore (see below below), and are not at all a monument to every terrible white trash stereotype conceivable.

If someone could please just find it in their heart to fork over the 3 grand for the Earnhardt axe, I would be forever grateful. I would also use it immediately to kick out this timeless jam:

(Thanks a whole Hell of a lot to Drumbro Mike J for getting this shit stuck in my head all day!)



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I thought for sure the craigslist post was going to be a seller in south Georgia.

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Part of why I became a big fan of Kyle Busch, was, when he won his, he smashed the shit out of it.