Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ask and ye shall receive.

I asked of our readership just yesterday, in regards to the elusive L'Anticristo soundtrack, product of the brilliant minds of spaghetti Gods Bruno Nicolai (right) and Ennio Morricone (below).
BAM! Within an hour, our very own Brother Cory stepped up with a bootleg version from his very own private collection, a rare and creepy masterpiece which I now intend on sharing with all of you lucky fuckers.
Cory, you rule. Good lookin' out.

I can't say enough good shit about this soundtrack, but rather than talk your ear off about all the mind-bending minutiae herein, I will highlight just a few details and leave it up to you to fill in the blanks.
- This is a definite "bootleg" version, and contains all the pros and cons as such. There's a little bit of hiss and a weirdly scrambled track ("Ippolita's Past Revealed"), but there's also a shitload of Satanic dialogue and ambient noise, which, for me at least, is a major bonus.
- HOLY SHIT this fucking thing is an atonal cacophony of caterwauling violins and haunting organ, THIS is what a horror soundtrack should be, FUCK this rules HARD. Morricone should go "Satanic" more often.
- Morricone & Nicolai's L'Anticristo puts all those Written In Blood compilations that Seanford has been posting to SHAME (JK Bro, post the last 2 please).
- If this soundtrack doesn't give your brain a boner then your brain is mostly likely malfunctioning and you should apply to have it replaced immediately.

Download HERE

Morricone Wiki/Last.FM---Nicolai Wiki/Last.FM

Speaking of Brother Cory...

I should mention that our female-fronted Manowar cover band (said female being Illogical She-Bro Manslaughter) is playing at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland this Saturday.
IC Drumbro Mike J will be sitting in on the skins for this set, so be prepared for complete double-bass annihilation, blastbeats during the chorus of "Carry On", and the stunning spectacle of Cory DiMaio's hulking physique (right). His body is indeed a wonderland.

Thanks, Corn Dog!


OVERLORD said...

love your blog MEN !!!

Manslaughter said...

Indeed, a wonderland. Thanks for the five dollars Corn Dog. You are a gentleman and a bro.

Matthew said...

soundtrack for sale on ebay right now

Matthew said...

Hey its for sale on ebay right now