Monday, February 14, 2011


More deafening, ugly deathsludge straight outta Finland. This one was recommended by longtime IC buddy Nekromantis, who said rightly about the Musta Seremonia demo: "It's a very dark and doomy variant of the genre but still possesses a certain beauty and high pathos their peers didn't have."
Indeed. Rippikoulu formed in 1990, and released only this and one other demo before the death of their guitarist Marko Henriksson effectively put an end to the band in 1995. Seremonia is a much sought-after relic of the Finnish DM legacy, and was picked up, re-mastered, and reissued by Svart Records just last year. And they did a great job, as the newer version is a much more palatable version of the super-rough original tracks, without a bunch of live stuff or "bonus tracks" thrown in. Absolutely pummeling and evil on all fronts. Doubly recommended!

Download HERE
Purchase the 2010 Svart re-issue HERE

Finland looks hella cold.



smokechapel said...

Absolute classic!

Nekromantis said...

They were also the first "extreme metal" band to sing in finnish and I think their music is thematically different from most finnish oldschool death metal. I translated lyrics to 'Anteeksiannon Synkkä Varjo' (murky shadow of forgiveness) to my best ability to show more of that side.

Sunrays from the bright sky
to the meadows of bloody flowers

White horizon
like funeral convoy of angels
Cloud sprouting sky
A wall to another dimension

Telling the truth is vain
because truth is lonely
But I have the key
to that threshold of freedom

Shelby Cobras said...

Shit, I totally meant to write about how they were the first DM band to write their lyrics in Finnish, but I totally spaced it. Boooo

Alex_P said...

Listening to this for the first time right now. Fucking solid stuff. Reminds me of Abhorrence. Good find. I notice they also had a '92 demo. Any info on if it's good or not?