Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This week: THINKING PLAGUE - EARLY PLAGUE YEARS (1984/1986/2000)

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I'm gonna be lazy here, and quote what I said over there: "... the (Thinking Plague)'s sound is a dense and complex one, bringing to mind the later noodlings of bands like Idiot-Flesh/Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and earlier pop nightmares a la The Residents, but with one foot firmly planted in the whole RIO/Zeuhl thing. I hate terms like "experimental", but (Thinking Plague is) just that, running through a ridiculous montage of found-object audio samples, electronic weirdness, barbershop vocal arrangements, dissonant keyboards, and meandering ambience all in one cacophonous, razor sharp crescendo of weird time signatures, punk-jazz expressionism, and haunting melodies."

Pretty much.

This is a re-issue (2000), containing 1984's A Thinking Plague and 1986's Moonsongs. Intensely trippy shit, which began in Denver in 1982 and blew minds around the world up until 2003. Must be heard to be believed.

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