Sunday, November 29, 2009


With Illogical Contraption currently on the fritz and Yours Truly currently scrambling to re-up a whole shitload of files for y'all (see post below), it hasn't been the most productive time for us here at I.C. Branch Headquarters.
But Luckily, there are Bros like Jon H. from Milwaukee out there (not to be confused with John D. from Milwaukee, who also rules) looking out for the best interests of this blog at our weakest moments. I found a link to Jon's band Truthdealer in my inbox the other day, along with an additional link to download their as-yet-unreleased (hence the lack of cover art) LP The Contrarian and an open invitation to share it on I.C.
This doesn't happen very often, but let me tell you: When it does, it fucking pumps my nads. Especially when it's a band as killer as Truthdealer. I've been spinning The Contrarian almost constantly since Jon hooked me up, addicted to its catchy blend of blazing hardcore, goofy humor, cool guitar effects, and metallic crunch. These guys are mean as fuck, but FUN as fuck too, as evidenced by songs like "Nice Fucking Voice - Please Stop Singing" (it's about Bob Dylan) and "Homicide, Suicide, or Billy Joel - Your Choice". Go check out their Myspace page (link below) and then get The Contrarian immediately. This shit is white hot.

Download HERE

Below: Jon = Bro.

PS: Thanks for 100,000. I was hoping it would fall on I.C's 1 year mark (Tuesday), but you guys blew it again. Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Indeed these dudes are great. Amazing live show as well. The Milwaukee/SF vortex grows!

Anonymous said...

I second that - great live band!

Another MKE bro!

john D/milwaukee

Anonymous said...

link doesn't work

mikehouse said...

Truthdealer- The Contrarian LP out now on Resurrection Records! get it at