Friday, November 13, 2009


Happy Friday the 13th, my friends.
How to celebrate? Hmmm... How 'bout a bootleg collection of "choice cuts" from the Friday The 13th slasher series, featuring 18 tracks from my boy Harry Manfredini, one from 80's synth-dork Peter Fredette, and two really bad butt rock jams from Alice Cooper? The iconic "Jason theme" is one of the most recognizable in the horror canon, but also one of the hardest to get ahold of. So big ups to the kind folks at Digital MeltdOwn for putting this thing together, guerrilla-style, and distributing it on the ol' innernet.
Herein, you will find theme songs, sound effects, dialogue, and selected tidbits from all of the first 8 Friday the 13th films. But NOT Part 9, or Jason X, or that Freddy Vs. Jason bullshit. Which makes sense. We all know that the Friday The 13th series pretty much ended when Jason took Manhattan, amirite?

Little known Jason facts:

- Were you aware that exactly eight F13 movies have been released since the inappropriately-titled Final Chapter?
- The infamous "KI Ki ki MA Ma ma" sound effect was created by Manfredini himself, by sampling the beginnings of the words "kill" and "Mommy" (as in the well-known F13 line "Kill her, Mommy!") and adding some reverb and stuff.
- The F13 soundtracks have never seen proper release from Paramount, so downloading this collection is a completely guilt-free transaction!

Download HERE

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