Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Starcrash is a film that defies comparison, defies description, and defies common sense in just about every way possible. You can check out my feeble attempts at doing the film justice here, but really, you just DON'T KNOW until you've seen it.
Basically a Hasselhoff/Marjoe Gortner/Chris Plummer/Caroline Munroe vehicle/Star Wars ripoff from 1978, the effects of said film on the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and stop-motion animation are simply incalculable. So much so that John Barry's (above right) soundtrack almost pales in comparison. Barry, a British guy who provided jams for Bond films, Dances With Wolves, The Black Hole, and many, many, more, certainly has the credentials and the talent. And I'm not saying it isn't a GREAT soundtrack. Because it is. But despite some cool sound effects and ambient space-noise, it's more Morricone/Western than any sort of oscillator/theremin/Wendy Carlos-type affair. Which just isn't worthy of bearing the Starcrash name. But then again, NOTHING is.
Hopefully I've done a sufficient job of dissuading you from downloading this album. If not, enjoy!

Download: HERE
Purchase: HERE


Thanks again to Illogical Bro "regis" for bringing Starcrash to my attention in the first place. Good man.


Seth J G Goodkind said...

My Dog, this is unprecedented.
Regis and I discovered this together.
You need to watch Contamination, Luigi Cozzi's ripoff of Aliens.

Shelby Cobras said...

Nice Starcrash writeup, dude. How did I miss Luigi Cozzi for so long? What's wrong with me? Contamination = Netflix queue spot #1. You'll be hearing my take on it soon, I'm sure.