Thursday, November 12, 2009


Imagine yourself in a Viking celebration hall. You are surrounded on all sides by rowdy, mead-swilling barbarians, concerned with naught but wenching, battle, and merryment. Pipe-smoke fills the air, torches burn brightly upon the stone walls, and the ale flows as freely as the turkey legs and song. A band is playing in the corner, singing the folk tales of their native land with wild abandon and great strength. For some reason, they also have electric guitars -- which is strange, because you're in a medieval age.
The band is Otyg.
Fronted by Vintersorg from Borknagar, Otyg was doing the whole "traditional Scandinavian folk metal" thing way before it was "cool" to do the "traditional Scandinavian folk metal" thing, kicking out the fiddle-heavy jams with lots of heavy riffage, festive (?) drumming, and male/female vocals that sound like the Swedish Chef paired up with his hot younger sister. PS: If you dig this stuff, check out Storm, too.
PSS: Their second (and final) album was titled Sagovindars Boning.

Get it?????

..... BONING?!

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Otyg tribute page on Myspace


Mister Booze said...

Minor quibble, turkey are indigenous to North America, so it would be the leg of something like a reindeer (caribou) or whathaveyou.

Though they aren't OGs like Otyg (see what I did there?) I really like Tyr. They aren't silly like Finntroll or pussy like these modern guys.

Shelby Cobras said...

Touche. I stand corrected. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

This rules

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