Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Pretty simple, right? Norwegian black metal. Corpsepaint. Spikes. Fire. "KILL. FOR. SATAN." We all know where this train's headed.
Any Hessian worth his bullet belt and stockpile of Pert Plus already has a copy of Tsjuder (pronounced SHOE-der)'s excellent 2004 album Desert Northern Hell, but Kill For Satan is a decidedly more raw and simple affair--still busy as fuck, full of tremolo riffing and blastbeats--but tastefully underproduced and bent on naught but sheer malevolence and hatred. The words "evil" and "brutal" don't even come close--THIS is how it's done, folks.

Hell, Tsjuder are almost as good as these guys:


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ido said...

Speaking on chaotic evil, here is H.P. Lovecraft with his kitty:

You are welcome.

Shelby Cobras said...

Thanks, I posted that picture way back here but I will never tire of it.

Aylmer said...

Thanks for telling us how to pronounce their name, cus I had no fucking idea