Friday, June 10, 2011


Ljå (or Ljaa, depending on who you ask) will tickle your fancy if you're the type of Hessian who appreciates stuff like that Tsjuder album I posted the other day, or really evil, Satanic, Norwegian war/black metal in general. The word "ferocious" comes to mind quickly upon first exposure to Ljå, as a complete aural assault of screeched vocals, machine-gun drums, and over-driven guitars immediately remove the flesh from your facial regions.
I've never really seen this band (they're a four-piece, although the only band photos I can find are just one dude) written about or hyped much, which is surprising, considering the quality of their jams. Definite Marduk/Gorgoroth/later Mayhem worship going on here, with focus on speed, intensity, violence, and death. Til Avsky For Livet is Ljå's sole full-length as of yet, being preceded by a split and two demos and followed, somewhat confusingly, by a 'best of' compilation in 2008. Hopefully we'll hear more from this corpsepainted Scandinavian juggernaut in the not-too-distant future.

Download HERE

Someone throw this guy a rope, jeez.


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