Thursday, September 16, 2010


You guys all know Dan Swano, right? You know, the Swedish dude from Bloodbath and Brejn Dedd and Darkcide and Demiurg and Diabolical Masquerade and Edge of Sanity and Godsend and Incision and Infestdead and Katatonia and Maceration and Masticate and Nightingale and Odyssey and Overflash and Pan.Thy.Monium and Ribspreader and Route Nine and Star One and Steel and Total Terror and Unicorn and Sorskogen and Frameshift and Another Life and Stygg Död and Obliterhate? Well, apparently he got bored in 2001 and decided to make a bass-heavy 3-song doomprog concept album about that Belgian comic book Tintin (I grew up on those) with a shitload of saxophones and synthesizers and guitar solos in it. It kind of sounds like a cross between Black Cobra playing Magma's back catalog and a paralyzing brain aneurysm. Check it out:

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Helm said...

Oh god, somebody save Dan Swano from himself. Alright I'll listen to this because I like tin tin, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be great!

(if it's great I'm going to gladly eat my words. The man of many projects has made about 2.5 brilliant records in his long career)

The Ugfromumant said...

When's he going to be featured with Tech N9ne?

Steven said...

Dude, I love this CD. The guitar solo over the digital steel drums in the second tune rules. Hard.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

You had me at 'aneurysm'.

pussymutilator said...

Can someone upload again this CD? PLEASE!!!