Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I posted Angelcorpse's first full-length Hammer of Gods just recently, but it seems you sick fuckers just can't get enough of their Christ-raping, face-melting brutality. So here's their second.
Pete Helmkamp (right), John Longstreth (later to become skinsman for Origin) & co. sure put together one Hell of a blasphemous, hate-spewing grind squadron out there in Kansas back in '95, one that could've gone toe-to-toe with anything coming out of Scandinavia at the time. You want inhuman blastbeats? AC has you covered. Atonal, squealing guitar solos? Ditto. Croaked, vomitous lyrics about the inversion of all things holy? Guilty on all counts. Exterminate is widely considered to be AC's finest hour, and this humble music blogger tends to concur. I urge you all to download it, turn it up, turn out the lights, and summarily execute any and all family members on the premises in the name of Satan. Amen.

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Helm said...

This is one of the few records of its genre that I would suggest to people who don't follow the genre. As I do not. What was I saying again?

Nekromantis said...

What genre? Is this brutal Death Metal?

Helm said...

Well it's not brutal death metal like Devourment or anything. It's like fast Morbid Angel. The compositions have flow though (no stop-start or left-field changes) and the blasphemy is jubilant and never-ending.

Nekromantis said...

I took a quick listen on youtube. Should've guessed it's death/black mix from the band's name. I might look into this but I usually go more for South-American variant of the style.