Friday, May 22, 2009


It was a time of great hardship for the metal community. With Metallica's "Black Album" surfing comfortably atop the Billboard charts, Nirvana popularizing the "troubled loner rock" genre, and the waves of both thrash and death metal cresting, breaking, and washing back out into a sea of mediocrity, the early 90's were indeed a dark time (and NOT in a good way) for metal. As good bands turned to techno and rap-metal to maintain the interest of a diminishing fan base, ONE BAND picked up the banner and carried it into battle, playing unique, off-balance, and BRUTAL grindcore in a time of sadness and angst.
That band? Brutal Fucking Truth.

Kevin Sharp, Dan Lilker (right) and Co. stormed the floundering death metal genre with their debut album, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, in 1992, attempting to breathe new life into a dying corpse with a chaotic onslaught of blasting intensity, searing Cookie Monster vs. Donald Duck vocals, and well-placed experimental weirdness. As other bands either "went commercial" or fell off the radar altogether, the Truth released album after album of sonic malevolence throughout the 90's, keeping it real at a time when being FALSE was considered a virtue.
Seriously. Name ONE other band that remained as aggressive, challenging, and original as the Truth in the mid-90's (Wait, that's too easy. Name 3 - and Morbid Angel doesn't count!).

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