Friday, August 13, 2010

M.S. on B.A.

Manslaughter Sharkwater on Bay Area:
Ok, so first there was this dude that was like, "I was born in San Francisco- I'm "S.F. on S.F!" And then there was this other dude that was like, "Nuh uh!!! I know what's up". But truth be told they are total complete poseurs. I mean, what's the world coming to when two straight edgers who are totally not straight suggest music for the wasted masses? Don't get your manties in a bunch boys, I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

(Cobras: front and center. Seanford: front and left)

Just fucking with you guys, you know you're two of my faves.

Let's get some coverage from Oakland to SF, Manslaughter style, shall we? These are all bands I've been seeing around a lot lately, and am totally digging in one way or another. I really think there's something here for everyone. It's like a bag of tropical skittles...pick out those green ones you like, or try one of those crazy yellow ones, who might like it.


I feel like I've seen these guys grow their first pubic hair, you know? They were all little satan spawned metal babies at first, and now they have hit puberty and their balls are probably dropping and full blown MANTLERS are growing out of their chests or something who knows. Whatever is going on, its working.(I guess when you chug your own pee and are in a band named Elk you grow Mantlers out of your chest)

A BM outfit from Oakland, these dudes are crushing. They have these really cool slower stony parts and then blasted out epic parts. The first few times I saw them the transition between the two major parts weren't quite melding together easily...I think whoever wasn't toking the reef previously must have given in to peer pressure and blazed, because now that shit is tight AND stony.They have an album coming out sometime in the fall I think, and I'm totally there.

Elk at Tidal Wave July 25th, 2010

Here's a split they did with Carrion in 2008 featured on Hell Crust, he knows what's up. I'm not too into Carrion, unless you want to fall asleep faster than if you took two valium's and...took two valium's and...

Elk on Hell Crust: HERE


Flood was mentioned by IC bro Gooniestorm, and I'm so fucking stoked you mentioned them, dude. I saw these guys with the next two bands.
Named after the Boris epic, this is their debut album, "Native". Dang. I'm listening to "Water" right now. It's like some evil bongzilla god rose up from the boiling magma of the earth's center to join forces with water to create a wall of fog that will encompass your mind for the full duration of this 45 minute ride. It's deep, it's heavy, it's riff laden, it's everything doom and sludge and stoner.Sure, there might be only 4 songs, but even the super long ones pushing 20 minutes still hold my attentio.......what was I saying?


Vastum is the newest band to acquire the lovely Leila Abdul-Rauf formerly of Saros and more recently of Hammers of Misfortune. (Man, is she a busy chick.) So you already know it's gonna be good, right? Well, so far all Vastum has recorded is a 3 song demo on bandcamp, but I highly recommend giving up your precious 4 LOKO money for the day to support these guys so they can put out that album they started recording in April.

Their sound is somewhat similar to that "Oakland" death/crust/punk that'll make you feel like an angst ridden, pit thrashing, mean ass, pimply-faced son of a bitch; however Vastum is totally chugging and blindingly BRUTAL.

Vastum Corpus EP on Bandcamp: HERE

Vastum at Tidal Wave July 25th, 2010


Do you think they are....Furries???

Another Oakland band, Pigs features a member or two of the Fleshies. They describe themselves as "hyphy-thrash-doom-boogie". Nice. I don't have anything free here for you guys, as the drummer Brian constructed his own studio in his live/work warehouse, recorded and mastered every song, and he and the band hand printed every single LP sleeve. That's a lot of love, and love like that doesn't come cheap. I mean, look at this fucking LP.



This is what Razorcake said about this band, I know I couldn't have said it any better.

..."You've heard of magic carpet rides? Well imagine a magic bulldozer ride for you and your friends through the post-apocalyptic Bay Area while the sky glows red and there's pieces of miscellaneous bridges floating around everywhere. It tingled corners of my mind that are very rarely reached. Now Pigs is definitely heavy. And the metal was in full effect for their entire set. But before I throw out some heavy metal references, I want to make clear that this band has been put through the purest, most high-grade DIY punk rock filter imaginable. East Bay warehouse livin', beer vending machine drinkin', duct tape for everything, generator shows under freeway overpasses, listening to the Germs like nothing else, all that good stuff."


PIGS on myspace: HERE

Well, boys and girls, that's it for this edition of M.S. on B.A. Stay tuned for more of your Bay Area metal fix, and feel free to make suggestions. And I will feel free to completely ignore them.


SEANFORD said...

SF stands for SEAN FORD. And this post rules.

Shelby Cobras said...

It took me a couple weeks to figure that out too. The "SF" thing. Whatevs. HERE is a picture of Manslaughter's new BF.

Hell Crust said...

great post!

Clint B said...

Good picks here. You've sniffed out the best of the up and comers.

Aylmer said...

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST there's some cool shit here. Vastum and PIGS are blowing my mind. I remember reading about PIGS ages ago in a Fleshies newsletter, going to their myspace which had no songs yet and promptly forgetting all about them. Now I'm thinking they're the best Fleshies off-shoot yet. I mean I've tried and tried to like Triclops, but it just didn't happen.

gooniestorm said...

hey that's awesome, you covered 2 out of 3 of the bands i felt were missing from yer local bands features, and even gave me a shoutout! i feel special. hey shelby maybe i could do one of your "bromantic interludes" sometime since i'm too stoned and lazy to do my own blog anymore...

Shelby Cobras said...

For sure, dude! That would be awesome. Email me at the IC@yahoo address and we'll work out the deets. That goes for you too, Clint. Fucker.

Who wants to be the first to venture a comment about Acephalix, who make up 40% of Vastum? Anyone?

Shelby Cobras said...

Also, @ Aylmer: PIGS are great and all, but you only think they're the best Fleshies offshoot cuz you've never seen Barry Manowar live. You have been warned.

Manslaughter said...

Oh yeah, Sean Ford. Duh. Gooniestorm, don't ever get to stoned to be lazy.

SEANFORD said...

also me and shelby were hanging out the other putting dudes foreskins on our fingers like black olives and we realized if people think shit like that is gay then they're obviously faggots.

Manslaughter said...

That is disgusting. Thank you for the mental picture. No really.

flood said...

thanks for the love dude!