Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Visitor & others: Lots of heavy drugs were involved

Thanks for the Free reign of terror(or blogger invite) Crankenstien from Crankytown back again here to talk about drug related 70's flicks let's get started:

The 70's were an incredible time for movies that were only green lit by studio executives under either mass hypnosis, jedi mind tricks or tons of pcp! How else can you explain films like Demon Seed (Julie Christie gets raped by an evil computer),The Manitou(Tony Curtis battles a midget demon that hatches out of Susan Strasberg's back), or The Visitor which attempts to combine Damien: Omen 2 and Close Encounters. It has a stellar cast of professionals, almost like a disaster movie. How can you have Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Sam Peckinpah, Franco Nero as Jesus? Lance Henrickson and Shelly Winters all in the same giant italian turd sandwhich! DRUGS! or a free trip to Italy I guess. It's awesome check out this home made trailer.

All of these movies were obviously made to capitalize on Rosemary's Baby/ Carrie and The Exorcist and would never work in a thousand years. They still don't work and like Beetlejuice said "I've seen the exorcist remade a hundred times and it keeps getting shittier everytime I see it!" Little kid CPR dummies being thrown through windows always seems to give me a chuckle so it's got that going for it. I hear that Code Red is putting it out in a few months but I wrote this review and I have even seen it? It could be amazing who knows?

(This Shelly Winters doll says it all about the 70's)

it's got the smaltziest blaxploitation flavored soundtrack it kicks ass!
(this CD contains another soundtrack so skip to track Stridulum)

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