Monday, August 30, 2010

Bromove 666

The other day I was telling my bro Scott of Devils about Destroyer 666’s EP “…Of Wolves, Women & War.” I was like, Scott, it shreds such demonic balls that just listening to it will cause your seed to burn holes in human flesh. Then I sent him over to the Hearse to pick it up but he said the link didn’t work or something. ANYWAY, in case you weren’t tracking the Hearse in 2007, its about time you score some down-under demon seed.



Helm said...

This cover, a pencil trace from a still from a porno only with a wolf head replacing Hard Manthrust's mug, is awful. That is not the face of sodomy, that is the face of artifice. Destroyer 666 could get better artwork

oh, wait

Anonymous said...

Couldn't she have worn some high heels while getting wolf rammed?

Aylmer said...

thanks for getting one of my local favourites up on here.

Shelby Cobras said...

i find this offensive because you can't tell if it's going in her butt