Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No no no no no no. Not the shitty goth-metal Atrocity. This is the REAL Atrocity, straight out of Torrington, Conneticut. Short, fast, ugly grindcore songs done right, with titles like "Unseen Death", "Bludgeoned To Death", "Toxic Death", "In The Wake of Death", "Death Factories (Raised For Slaughter)", and "Malevolent Death Thirst" (their 1992 follow-up was titled The Art of Death). You know what to expect: Dirty, sloppy, blastbeat-ridden jams with bad solos and no fucking frills whatsoever. This whole album might be nothing but a 3-years-later rehash of Scum, but COME ON, MAN. Look at the afro. Now look at the album cover. Now back to the afro. Back to the album cover.
If you aren't downloading this by now, you probably need your bro-pulse checked.

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kittyempire said...

Never heard this before but I can tell by the cover I'm going to like it! I never say no to old school grind. Or afros.

Calling your band Atrocity is a fine idea for a grind band; for the shitty goth-metal band it was a prophetic miscalculation.

Thanks for this one.

Helm said...

Keep in mind the first couple of Atrocity records are not goth-metal at all.

kittyempire said...

They are shit though

Helm said...

I'm not certain. They're so dense I have trouble getting through a single song. But I appreciate the high concept of "Hallucinations" on some level, perhaps in a few years I'll have parsed the music too.

I'm not trying to be contradictory here, I just have learned that if I don't understand it now, it doesn't mean I won't understand it later. I might not like it later either, but I'm letting a door open for Atrocity.