Monday, January 25, 2010


I wrote about Pavor rather recently, heaping praise upon their 1994 album A Pale Debilitating Autumn at the beginning of last month. I said what I needed to say about them back then, so click the link if you'd like to learn about this perplexing and talented band.
I think what is remarkable about Furioso is how little it differentiates from APDA - after all, these albums were recorded 9 YEARS apart, and yet Pavor delivers the same unrelenting tech-grind with little to no stylistic change and just a slight increase in production value. This definitely isn't a bad thing. PAVOR sounds like PAVOR, no matter what the decade.
Since I've already said my piece about this Germanic shred squadron, I'll give you instead these two chunks of useful information:

First, a definition of the term "furioso":

furioso [ˌfjʊərɪˈəʊsəʊ] Music
adj & adv
(Music, other) in a frantically rushing manner
(Music, other) a passage or piece to be performed in this way
[Italian, literally: furious; see 'fury']

An apt summation of the music on this disc if ever there was one.
And second, a press release quote from the band itself (via icoulddietomorrow):

"To all wimps, dilettantes, kiddies, fakes, and other boring lowlifes out there that keep making fools of themselves by trying to be evil, brutal or even musically relevant: STAY AT HOME AND PRACTICE!"

Fuckin' A.

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Pavor fan page

Pavor, "Furioso":


Helm said...

It took a *lot* of listens to get into this but the compositions kept luring me back to it. I love it. "STAY AT HOME AND PRACTICE" is sound advice most of the time!

Erik Del Tigre said...

Dude is holding his drumsticks in the most effeminate way ever . Looks like he's about to conduct the Nutcracker Suite.

Shelby Cobras said...


Asa said...

Respect, Shelby. Your blog is one of the most personalized and wonderfully diverse. We share a love of cephalopods, and you post some great scientific writing, in addition to fantastic albums. Thanks for the ICDT props. This is indeed one hell of a record, and one that (agreed, Helm) takes a few listens.

Shelby Cobras said...

Well thank you very much, Asa.


Viagra said...

Stay Home and Practice.. I know a couple of bands that could use that advice...