Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been on something of a 'musical archeology' trip lately, locating and excavating lost and forgotten albums from my high school days. That In/Humanity stuff I posted last week was a fine example, as was the Men's Recovery Project double 7" from just two posts ago. These are recordings that bring back some of my fondest memories of youthful debauchery, but are unfortunately the same recordings that were destroyed and/or misplaced due the the squalor and carelessness of that same youthful debauchery.
The obscure Olympia, Washington punk band Worst Case Scenario is another group that takes me back to those heady days, and this 24-track Complete Works of... compilation was a prized possession of mine back then. Full of sparse, angular guitar riffage, strangled vocals, and lockstep drum and bass patterns, Worst Case Scenario sounded (to my young ears) like a beautifully chaotic fusion of The Jesus Lizard and Born Against, and while this CD physically disappeared from my collection well over a decade ago, the strange, repetitive songs therein never ceased resonating in my head. Dissonant, freaky punk was definitely my cup of tea at age 18, and I still find stuff like this highly enjoyable today. "Umbilical Noose", "Polishing Rot", and especially "Dead Clients Don't Pay" are remarkably ill jams, although I'm not really down with the free-jazz saxophone thing happening on the first track...

Download HERE
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Listen to some stuff on the WCS Myspace page


RyGar said...

I had this one up in the early days of my blog, but the link expired. Instead of re-upping it, though, I just linked them this way (To the post, not your dl link). Should anyone come looking, thanks, and your welcome.
PS. This is an awesome album, and I'm glad someone else is recognizing that. Good taste.

Shelby Cobras said...

Thank you very much, sir. I'm glad you were tuned in on this one too.

justin said...

Have the second 7" that I'm fixing to post at my shack, did some digging and ended up here. Thanx for the complete thing and just for in general generating an incredible blog here.

RoxBox said...

Hey sorry I'm a few years late but is it possible to get the download for this album? Thanks