Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You like stony riffs, bro?
Well the riffs don't get any stonier than those delivered by Oakland's own Drunk Horse, who have been hotboxing the brains of unsuspecting audiences for over a decade. Drunk Horse was playing classic rock way before anyone else was, all the way back in the late 90's. Like the bastard nephew of a methed-out Allman Brother or perhaps the Southern son of a sleazy Sabbath, The Horse belts out licks that were custom made for drinkin', fuckin', or droppin' the tranny on that beat up Camaro you just scored off your old lady's cousin. Semi-tongue-in-cheek lyrics about moustaches ("Greazy Moustache"), arcade games ("High Score"), and easy chicks ("Tempermental Woman") sweeten the deal significantly, but let's not forget what we came here for: The riffs, man. Those stony, stony riffs.
This is their first album. If you like what you hear, check out 2003's Adult Situations or 2005's In Tongues.

Bonus for the music nerds: Drunk Horse is one of the rare bands that has mastered the fine art of the major seventh chord. Ever heard a sarcastic guitar riff? These guys have you covered.

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Below: One of the best fucking band photos ever, almost as good as this or this or this.

"Ass Out - Passed Out" & "Greazy Moustache" live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 2004. They even throw a little Magma in there ("Hhai"):


Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE DRUNK HORSE! Needed this thanks!
Melanie Manslaughter

sean said...

can't get any radder than d-horse. have you heard the 7"'s? there’s one with two prince covers (bambi slays) and one more that two covers of fake bands that they made up (ie originals masked as covers). somebody crank the Weed Elf.

Shelby Cobras said...

I have mp3 versions of the "Pants" 7" (which I have been led to believe was what the band's name was originally). 2 songs, since I don't have the original sleeve I don't know the gimmick, but the songs are fucking hot. One about tight pants the other about burning the motherfucker down.....?