Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A full 60-minute album's worth of rage, volume, blastbeats, and angst boiled down into five songs performed in just over 7 minutes. Flesh Parade are from New Orleans, and display the same penchant for sick grind and ill breakdowns that the area is well known for. I mean, check out the change-up on "Monsieur LeBeaux". Fuck.
This record is absolute face-shredding insanity, with some of the most inhuman vocals you've ever heard. Relapse re-released it under the same title in 1998, packaged with some FP demo material. But this is the original one. The band broke up around 2000, leaving very little behind.
Realizing that they had the potential to make some money, Flesh Parade re-formed in the mid 00's, and are even releasing an album (titled Dirty Sweet (???)) later this year. Their Myspace page worries me.

And hey, check out Chief Dickbong up there.

Download HERE
Purchase the 1998 Relapse version (+ 6 tracks!) HERE

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