Thursday, January 14, 2010

BEAR PROOF SUIT - A SUIT TO ALTER FATE (Discography 2005 - '08)

Look up the word "Bro" in any dictionary, and you will most likely find the picture to the right included with the definition therein.
That bloody, sleeveless-Manowar-T-shirt clad motherfucker over there is blogbuddy Jon H. from Milwaukee, and you could all learn a lot from him. Jon plays drums in a kick-ass band called Truthdealer, and was kind enough to share their unreleased LP The Contrarian with the readers of Illogical Contraption awhile back. So why is this percussionist holding a guitar?
I'm getting to that, fucko. Cool your jets.

After I published that post on Truthdealer, Jon was kind enough to send me a package, containing a Truthdealer T-shirt, a couple records and a couple CDs. Hot damn.
As it turns out, Jon also plays guitar and sings in yet another project, a nifty little hardcore thing called Bear Proof Suit. Hence the photo.
Bear Proof Suit plays fast, mean punk rock songs with an acerbic wit to their lyrics (I'm starting to suspect that the clever wordplay is Jon's doing) and even some cool samples and weird little keyboard parts thrown in. This discography collects all of their recorded output since 2005, a whopping 22 tracks of chaos, violence, and weird science.
Fuck. Milwaukee rules (see also: Malachi, The Frogs, Party By The Slice). Jon rules. Like I said, you fuckers could learn alot from him.

Download HERE
Support a Bro by purchasing this thing via Urban Pirate Records heYAAAAAAAAAAR
Bear Proof Suit on Myspace


Mister Booze said...

Milwaukee is a cool city and I will say this: the scumbag Milwaukee beer you know is the export. Milwaukee keeps the good stuff for themselves; Berghoff and Sprecher etc.

prunalogsusan said...

jon does rule! just saw bps last show ever. heck, they all ruled!

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