Saturday, January 30, 2010


The American Southwest has much more to offer than bolo ties and Kokopelli bumper stickers. Indeed, there is a kick-ass hardcore scene over there as well, one that has been pumping out scads of awesome bands (like this one) for over two decades. But no discussion about Southwest Hardcore would be complete without mention of of the region's GODS: LOGICAL NONSENSE and WORD SALAD.


You might remember Logical Nonsense making an appearance here on IC several months ago, when I posted their debut full-length Deadtime. That record definitely had a melodic (even poppy) edge to it at times, but any hint of user-friendliness was long gone by the release of Expand The Hive four years later. This is some angry, brutal ass-kickery, delivered amongst a cacophony of samples, squealing feedback, and pure fucking HATE. Hive was followed by 1998's Soul Pollution, which I'm sure I'll get around to posting someday as well.

Logical Nonsense formed all the way back in 1989, and defied all logic (see how I did that?) by keeping the same six-man lineup throughout the course of their career. They split up in the early 2000's, but re-unite occasionally to play shows. In Santa Fe, these guys are LEGEND.

(PS - Sorry about the crappy resolution on the cover art, this one definitely deserves better. But alas, I have no access to a scanner and the internet is no help today...)

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Word Salad were from Albuquerque, and are surprisingly hard to track down on the internet considering the quality of their music. I posted this split with Hellchild awhile back, but Deathmarch is leaps and bounds better, a grinding, shrieking beast of record chock full of sludgy, stop-on-a-dime breakdowns, blastbeating insanity, and furious shredding. I caught these guys live once in the late 90's. It was like.... FUCK.

And check out the pissing monkey on the cover.

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Anonymous said...

I was just listening to Logical this morning. Living in Flagstaff in the 90s allowed me the opportunity to see both of these band quite often. Thanks for keeping this shit alive bro!!

The Goodkind said...

Word Salad, another good thing ruined by crack-cocaine.
You probably already have, but if not, check out Laughing Dog and Noisear, they were the 'Burque gods after Logical and Word Salad faded out. Pretty sure at least one of 'em is still around. My old grind band shared a practice space with 'em for years.

Erik Del Tigre said...

Dude, I gotta second what Dathan said. I was at all those shows too. Logical Nonsense was a big deal in Flagstaff because you always knew you were gonna get a fucking awesome show. They brought some serious metal chops to the punk rock scene. That shit blew my mind at 16. I still have a couple of patches from those guys in a box somewhere in Arizona...

Erik Del Tigre said...

^^^ Amending the above: to 16-year-old Erik, fast = metal. I realize they're not really metal. Whatever. I'm drunk and watching the Grammys on mute with Queen on instead. I can't be held accountable for this shit.

Anonymous said...

FUUUUCCCKKK yeah. Word Salad rules.
Erik, quit hittin' the bottle. Drunken Duncan.