Friday, May 7, 2010


Here's an old classic I picked up over at THE EVIL EYE recently, an analog relic that never survived the transition to digital in the Cobras Collection. I'd give you my own lengthy diagnosis and philosophical musings on this album, but The Eye summed up my thoughts on this one better than I myself ever could:

"If you think about it, the Geto Boys were like gangsta rap’s answer to Slayer at one point. After all, their lyrical content sort of covered the same subjects—rape, murder, necrophilia, and extreme violence in general. Going with that comparison, it’s safe to say that the Geto Boys’ self-titled LP is their Reign in Blood — their loudest and most sonically satisfying effort."

100% true.
As far as gangsta rap goes, N.W.A. couldn't hold a candle to Geto Boys in 1990 -- sure, N.W.A. was "Str8 Outta Compton" but Bushwick, Willie D, and Scarface were based in HOUSTON, TEXAS. Think about THAT shit for a second.
If it doesn't quite convince you, consider this scenario: You have just been shot directly in THE FUCKING EYE. Said eye is now literally dangling in a pool of blood on your cheek. When you arrive at the hospital, do you: A) Chill the fuck out, get some bed rest, and thank God that you somehow miraculously survived your injury - B) Freak out, have a nervous breakdown, and spend the rest of your life lamenting the loss of said organ, or C) Grab an enormous 1980's cell phone and call a photographer -- this shit is going to look DOPE on an album cover!
If you picked A or B, you are a normal human being. If you picked C, you are Bushwick Bill. Do you get it yet? Geto Boys LIVED this shit.
I'm not going to spend any space here backpeddling on the Boys' graphic portrayal of misogyny, violence, and crime on this album. It speaks for itself. Instead, I will resort to straight-up plagiarism once again - The EYE said it best:

"Before you get up in arms about lyrical content, remember the Slayer comparison I made above and ask yourself if you would do the same about theirs. If not, feel free to enjoy this album for what it is — a loud, angry, nasty, offensive affair courtesy of America’s worst nightmare. It’s the least painful response."


(The greatest gangsta rap track ever recorded?)

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Matthew Daley said...

when a band i was in toured the US, this album was pretty much in constant rotation. it never got old and still rules...

gooniestorm said...

actually i read an interview that said it was the band's record label who made them take that photo, bushwick was so doped up he didn't know what was going on, and the other members thought it was in bad taste but went along with the idea because, well, they knew it's sell records. sorry to shatter your illusions.

Shelby Cobras said...

My illusion = totally not shattered.

Nice try, though.

MFKNRMX said...

YEP!!!! Fuck You is the most gangster shit ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I half tempted to get the lyrics tatted on my back! FO MUTHAFUCKIN REAL!!!!!