Monday, May 17, 2010


My own personal Bromance with Hell Crust (aka Chad) began long ago, and has led to a long and fruitful digital relationship which endures to this day. Mr. Crust (or just "Hell", as he's known to his friends) allowed me to publish this 10-part study on pre-1991 death metal and grindcore over at his spot recently, and I've been looking forward to HIS contribution here at IC ever since. Today the waiting ends.
Although I often find myself in his hometown (San Jose) and he in mine (SF), I've never actually met Hell Crust/Chad face to face. Such are the wonders of the internet... No doubt we will someday find ourselves toe-to-toe in some dank moshpit, surrounded by flying dreadlocks and Pabst, crushing posers to a deafening cacophony of blastbeats and squealing guitars. Or maybe I'm just waxing poetic.
Being the completely predictable guy that I am, I tasked Mr. Crust with creating a mix based on the most obvious concept possible: CRUST. Please find his leavings below.

- Cobras

Hey everyone, my name is Chad and I run Hell Crust . I have been doing so for almost two years now and I really like it so far. Anyways, I was asked to do a Bromantic Interlude by the bro, Shelby Cobras, on the music genre that is my favorite: Crust Punk.

Living in the bay area has allowed me to see awesome shows, meet awesome people, and nevertheless, see awesome bands. I live in San Jose, its pretty chill here most of the time but it gets boring, like all places (it just happens). Living about an hour's drive from San Francisco and Oakland, it is pretty easy to get to shows when you have enough money. So far I have seen Extreme Noise Terror, Amebix, Hellbastard, and other local, national, and international Crust bands. Pretentiousness? You let Judy be the judge.

(I will hopefully never be on that show...)

I love Crust. I think the first band I heard was Dystopia and ever since then I have been hooked. The term "Crust Punk" was used to describe punks who lived in the United Kingdom in the mid-to-late 1980's who didn't take care of themselves hygienically. Even better, the genre Stenchcore was even more hygienically deviant, producing putrid scum like Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, and Doom. Both sub-genres formed from Anarcho-Punk idealogies and politics, while taking on more of a heavy, darker, and metallic sound at the same time. Notable bands in the rise and formation of Crust include: Motörhead, Crass, Conflict, Icons Of Filth, Antisect, Discharge, Venom, Amebix, and Hellbastard. There is still even a debate going on today as to which band actually coined the term. Some say Hellbastard, while others say Amebix. We will never fully know and we should never fully care enough to keep begging the question. In the year 2010, Crust Punk is undoubtedly still going. More and more bands are forming and reforming in the name of Crust. Some bands stay traditional to the sounds of the 1980's, while others mix other genres from the past three decades with Crust Punk to make even better music than before.

Oh yeah, did I mention that some "Crusties" also have their own awesome fashion? Check it out!


"Crust is life brah".

Lady Gaga is also getting into Crust Fashion too:

"Q: And GaGa?"

"A: And GaGa."

"Papa-razzi Bastard!"

But wait, there's more!:

(Memorable Quote: Punk Rock Scenesters: "They'll Stud Anything")

For those still with me, I have also made a quick mix-album of some of my favorite Crust songs. It will give you a basic introduction to the genre if you are not familiar already.

Crust - I:
1. After The Bombs - War Monger
2. Axegrinder - Hellstorm
3. Agrimonia - Leaves Fall Rotten
4. Nausea - Cybergod
5. Dystopia - Hands That Mold
6. Skaven - Severed
7. Deviated Instinct - House Of Cards
8. Sanctum - In The Shadow Of Death
9. Stormcrow - Final Plague
10. Amebix - Chain Reaction

Download HERE

Lastly, I want to thank Shelby for letting me do this post and I hope you all enjoyed it. Also, next month I will be doing a month dedicated to my favorite Crust band Doom on Hell Crust (and no, im not talking about MF Doom's "new" moniker). Cheers!


Shelby Cobras said...

Love it that the picture of the False Crustie in the Leftover Crack shirt was taken outside of the McDonald's on Haight St: "Home of False Crust!"

Aesop said...

Hellshock sadly missing, but a great post nonetheless. I beat up crusties.

Crankenstien said...

i recognize that Mcdonalds corner on Haight!
Nausea are trying so hard to sound like Slayer on that tune(they come pretty close).Crusties are the worst form of hippie other than actual hippies.