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That's right. Take a good long look at this motherfucker.
That's Alf Svensson -- android assassin, psychedelic Space Marine, robot porn star, President of the George Lucas Fan Club, and driving force behind the horrendously wonderful rocket-wreck known as OXIPLEGATZ. Alf did time in early incarnations of At The Gates/Grotesque as well as with the superb and short-lived Liers In Wait, but Oxiplegatz was HIS trip and HIS trip alone. And what a trip it was...
How to describe this cacophony of senseless space-metal showtunes? Lo-to-mid-fi black metal Nocturnus meets Mulan? Disney on Ice, in space, on drugs? Robo-Gershwin meets Alien-Burzum? Mosh pit aboard the Starship Enterprise? None of these descriptions really do Oxiplegatz any justice, but they may serve to at the very least prepare you for the storm of cosmic cheese that is now headed in your direction.
Oxiplegatz released 3 albums between 1994 and 1998, with all music written and played by Mr. Svensson. Annoying female vocals were contributed by a Mrs. Sara Svensson, who might be Alf's wife, or his sister (or maybe both). Here are the second two albums, 1996's Worlds And Worlds and 1998's Sidereal Journey. But beware: There is life before Oxiplegatz and there is life after Oxiplegatz. And I have not yet determined which I prefer.


This, the final Oxiplegatz album, can be even more frustrating and confusing than their other albums, but also more rewarding. Written as one epic space opera suite, Sidereal Journey is basically one long track split (seemingly at random) into 33 really short tracks, which need to be heard in order to really make any sense. And they make very little, even then.

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I recommend starting here if you choose to explore the strange dimensions of the Oxiplegatz legacy. The metal is harsher and more violent, and the showtuney female vocals are less prevalent than in Journey. If you can handle Worlds And Worlds, you MIGHT be ready to voyage further into the mind of Mr. Svensson. I wish you good luck and Godspeed.

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"Quest" (the tip of the iceberg):

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