Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Noise Blog: Prurient - And Still, Wanting

Prurient (aka Dominick Fernow) is a pissed off mother fucker. Really, really pissed off. Over the last decade he has become one of the more visible artists in the noise/power electronics scene. He started Hospital Productions, the label/record shop in Manhattan. Dominick is uncompromising, seemingly interested in only the most abrasive, grating "music" known today. He releases and creates some of the harshest sounds in the power electronics scene. In addition to noise, he also is deeply into black metal. Fernow not only releases/carries grim and frostbitten sounds via hospital, he actually plays in at least five black metal projects, most notably Ash Pool and Vegas Martyrs (Who I hope to share here soon).

This particular album isn't a completely typical Prurient release from what I've had the chance to hear. This also isn't his best received work within the noise scene. That having been said, I happen to enjoy this release and think a few of you might as well. This is structured, as opposed to the free improvisation rampant in the scene. These are composed songs, not excerpts from extended jamming. Some of his interest in black metal bleeds into this release. I think a lot of you who may still be new to the genre might find this slightly more accessible then some other things. I don't mean that as an insult to the work, it captures a lot of what power electronics can be at its best. And to clarify, this is still, by no means, something your mom is going to approve of.

Two last things, while I mentioned that this particular album wasn't his best received within the community, Dominick's music and label are generally well respected within the said scene. Also, this album is more of a "studio" album. If you were to see a live Prurient set you probably wouldn't hear these songs. But, you should go if you get the chance. Dominick is known for having some of the more intense, confrontational live sets today. Its not entirely uncommon for there to be bloodshed and its generally quite a show regardless.

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Will Towles said...

Vegas Martyrs rules! thanks again for all the cool stuff.

Roger Camden said...

aquiring everything Vegas Martyrs

This is my second favorite Prurient record
(first is Pleasure Ground)
anyone else find this to basically be a death industrial record (as in :zoviet france:, The Grey Wolves, Brighter Death Now)?

Poelzig said...
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Poelzig said...

Great post,Dominick's stuffs are always cool.
Ash pool is fucking great...it took me a while till i realize how good World Turns On It's Hinge is,actually it's one of my favorites black metal albums of all time.
But back to Prurient;I really think you should consider posting Pleasure Ground someday, it's a really,really solid harsh noise album, and one of best introduction to mr. Fernow's work.

Ross C. said...

COME ON. This is a pretty stock/safe yet "edgy" pick. Hope the next post is more interesting.