Sunday, November 28, 2010


Apologies for my absence of late, friends, but further technical difficulties with the computernetting machine and a departure into vast, unexplored lands for some sort of American mass-slaughter-and-consumption ritual have left me little opportunity to share thoughts and information with you all this week. Luckily, I plan on a complete and total rectification of the situation today, with an amazing, hard-to-find LP that I hold near and dear to my cobwebbed, blackened little heart.
Stikky was an ancient (read as: mid-to-late 80's) grind/punkcore/comedy trio that spring from the fertile Gilman Street scene in Berkeley, CA. They counted amongst their ranks (after the first two demos, at least) one Chris Dodge on bass and vocals, a guy you probably know from later acts such as No Use For A Name (yes, he was in that band for awhile) and Spazz. If you are familiar with Mr. Dodge's work, you already know about his proclivity for goofy samples, goofier lyrics, snappy bass tone, and speedy compositions. Stikky displays all characteristics in abundance, but with the added element of teenage-ish pop-punk enthusiasm, which pushes it over the edge from mere thrashcore tomfoolery to pure audio brilliance. I dunno, maybe I'm looking at Where's My Lunchpail? through rose-colored glasses here--but spastic, metal-tinged jams like "Senator Hart Humped A Dumpling", "The Song About Annihilating Poseurs", and "Quasineomacroantiprioritizationalisticism" mantain every shred of humor, menace, and fist-pumping mosh pit value that they ever had for me. This LP is a fucking treasure. Worship it.

Download HERE


ryan said...

AWESOME ALBUM! Thanks for posting! I like this better than anything Spazz did.

RyGar said...

Cuddle" was an integral part of my upbringing, but I don't know if I ever delved any further into their releases. Thanks, dude.

Anonymous said...

thank you! This LP is great!!! havent heard it in many many years!!!

Anonymous said...

there are 2 'versions' of this
original on lookout
re issue remixed with extra songs and volume levels turned up

also the picture is probably from the 1987 NYE show at Gilman, which I have a pro shot video of. Isocracy threw all this stuff on stage and Stikky kept it going.

I am planning my own blogspot.

Anonymous said...

please reupload to mediafire!!

Anonymous said...

please reupload to mediafire!!

Paul McCutcheon said...

Hey there! You're right that this LP is a treasure. It's seems almost impossible to find this version.If you have it, you have the rough mix featured on least it seems that way. It's what I have. As a fan, I would love to have the original mix so I'm here to beg for a repost on this. If it's okay with you, I'll post it to a punk torrent site with open registration so that there's a place for people to access it. Again, only if it's okay with you (and obviously since you have share it in the place!)