Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I bet I kicked off in two weeks for playing too many 11min Saros songs.

I’m pretty sure nobody turns to the radio to find new metal. But does anyone turn to internet radio to find new metal? Nah, that probably doesn’t happen either. But, incase you were curious about the new records by Slough Feg, Lesbian, Watain, Lighting Swords of Death, Valdur, Christian Mistress, Dark Black, Decrepit Birth, Exhausted Prayer, Dreaming Dead, Walken or anything else too new for me to pirate on IC, you can check out my new radio show on Wednesday nights. Along with my co-host Jill Janus, we’ll leak some unreleased records that nobody is putting out, some demos that have been sent my way and a whole lot of underground west coast bands that I’ve previously championed in the annals of IllCon. Also, if your band rules and you think you’re worthy, you can send in a download link to DeathWishRadio(at)gmail(dot)com.

I would be the one on the right

Featured artists for this week: Hazards’ Cure and Hematovore


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Nicely done sir. That makes up for the band being mentioned in Terribilizer.

Anonymous said...

I assume this is Pacific Time?

SEANFORD said...


Anonymous said...

Lookin' pretty vascular there stud. Crank out some curls before the pic? Flabby old Del Tigre is going to be so jealous. Jill J. Anus definitely brings the clam metal.