Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Midnight Wraith

Almost one year ago, in my very first post for IC, I described PDX shred monster Dark Black as "tragically under hyped." They had just put out their first full length record and it seemed like I was the only person in America rubbing my balls on it nightly. Now, 48 weeks later, Dark Black is hitting the road for the first time in support of their new recording, Midnight Wraith. The hype is still subdued, but finally, it looks like people are just beginning to take notice. Here are a few reviews, forwarded to me in their press release:

"...crank this or spank it folks, there’s some serious boogie in these riffs! Holy shit this thing stomps!" - Hellride Music

"...Midnight Wraith definitely harkens back to around 1978 sonically, with a Thin Lizzy-meets-Iron Maiden feel, and the band definitely has the chops to back it up." - Metal Underground

"If you are a fan of old school Heavy Metal this is a must." - Minacious

"As with their Traditional Metal peers, the likes of Enforcer, Ravage and White Wizzard, (to name a few), DarkBlack takes me down Metal memory lane to a time when bootleg and demo cassette trading was the norm." - Metal Odyssey

Wow, those are some SHITTY FUCKING REVEIWS. Holy shit. Enforcer? White Wizzard? COME THE FUCK ON. Dark Black, from me to you, scrap these shitty Maiden laden reviews and use this one. Besides, IC is at least twice as credible as Metal Odyssey.


Cosbro Lee wrote on Invisible Oranges today that where as Dark Black "aren’t really my thing", "I know folks who are nuts about them." This sentence was extra lols to me because many of my conversations with Cosmo go like this:

SF: Hey Cosmo.
CL: Hi Sean, nice muscles.
SF: Thanks. Have you listened to that Dark Black I sent you yet?
CL: No, I have a job. And I don't smoke weed.
SF: Oh well. Your muscles look good too.

If somehow you managed to avoid SELLSWORD this year, please stop fucking up and acquire this. It might be a repost but we try to make it easy.


It sounds, more or less, like this:

better the second time

I played with these dudes on my first tour way back in the Trigger Renegade days. After a few shows in PDX it was obvs we were never going to out rip these guys. We changed our name to Professor, wrote all new songs and gave it another shot. Two more tours, two more tries, but DB still got us pregnant with their careless spay of rizz (riffs that make you jizz). So we went back home, changed our name again, beefed up (or boobed up) our line up, wrote another new full set of jams and now we're off to cross axes yet again with the mightiest of mighty in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. The dates are below, see Dark Black.

DARKBLACK Midnight Wraith Tour:
12/1/2010 The Black Lodge - Seattle, WA w/ Skelator, Emeralds, Elk’s Blood
12/2/2010 *house show - Seattle, WA w/ Throne of Bone
12/3/2010 Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR [CD release show] w/ Spellcaster, Dead By Dawn
12/4/2010 Bender's - San Francisco, CA w/ Huntress, Walken
12/5/2010 The Hazmat (Your Hause) - Oakland, CA w/ Dodsfalla, Bruxers, Infernal Graves, Drunken Hardcore
12/6/2010 Cinespace - Los Angeles, CA w/ Huntress, Gypsyhawk
12/8/2010 The Gup - Eugene, OR w/ Excruciator, Scrolls
12/9/2010 The Know - Portland, OR w/ Nux Vomica

PS - When googling Dark Black Portalnd, one of the first suggestions that comes up in the search bar is "what does dark black poop mean?" - WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


Anonymous said...

you pulled that shitty jpeg off our myspace didn't you. -spayer of rizz!

huntresskills said...

Sean, I hope this is helpful. Have a great day! Jill

"Dark Black, Tarry Stool Could Be Benign...But It Might Also Be Serious"


Shelby Cobras said...

"Tarry Stool" is my new 70's rock handle.

PS Your muscles look good and I got the internet back.

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to need to give this a try. I listened to Midnight Wraith for the first time last night, and while I enjoyed it I found the vocals a bit muffled. The album as a whole also gave me a big Fucking Champs vibe, for some reason.

Shelby Cobras said...

"Fancy metal", duh.

SEANFORD said...

Since the Champs and Professor are no longer operational, DB is officially carrying the torch for WCFM (west coast fancy metal). I just got a copy of Midnight Wraith ten minutes ago and will be premiering it at moheak.com at 7pm (pst) tonight.

abdul alhazred said...

I kind of like that last Enforcer record. Does that make me a poser?

Supreme said...

Great news. I'm gonna have to check this out. I saw Dark Black play while I was visiting Portland back in June and I picked up The Sellsword at their show. I've been a big fan ever since.

Reginald said...
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Reginald said...

It sucks that these dudes probably won't be coming to my shitty backwater city in arsefuck nowhere any time soon. Nice muscles, you lucky bastard.

Helm said...

dark black what? WHAT is dark black? Goddamn it!

Anonymous said...

So the radio show is at 7 now?

Anonymous said...

So, after listening, I conclude that this is awesome. Also, Midnight Wraith is really, really good. I've listened to it many, many times, and have come to that conclusion. It is not just merely good as I originally thought.