Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MOLEHILL - S-T/Comfort Measured In Razor Lines

I know you're all suffering through a post costumbrage depressive guilt phase but I encourage you to turn once again to your profound reservoir of misanthropy for a dose of go-juice.

This former Birmingham, Alabama band came through my former home city of Albuquerque 10 or 11 years ago and played in the basement of my house. For some reason not many people came, but these guys ripped it up nonetheless despite the drummers severe case of influenza. The singer had broken his mike the previous show and had to borrow mine. He also broke that one. On his head.

Anyway, some of you might have heard of a little band out of Louisiana that profoundly disliked deities. They released a few albums and then disappeared but apparently had a little influence on these fellows to the northeast. When they left ME with this album it was an untitled EP with only 6 songs, but whatta ya know, it was released a year later with the same songs under the name Comfort Measured In Razor Lines.

1. Dying Like Sisiters
2. Balrac
3. Sleeping Through My Funeral
4.Greying Whore
5. Eye On
6. 24 Hour Mercy Plea

Hear it HERE

Not to be confused with this Molehill.

These nerdy lookin' metal-redneck-lumberjacks also released 3 songs on the compilation Crushers, Killers Destroyers! which Shelby posted HERE, and on an LP called 1000 Years Regret which appears to be entirely unobtainable.
Some of the songs on the LP can be heard on the Molehill Myspace HERE.
Get southern, get sludgy.


Clint B said...

Wow, my roomate mentioned Molehill last night, and I thought to myself, "damn I've gotta find some Molehill records, online or SOMETHING!" And then this pops up. Thanks for reading my mind.

The Goodkind said...

The Devil made me do it.