Saturday, November 20, 2010


A little while back, Peter posted Anal Cunt's new "cock rock" album Fuckin' A. An excellent addition to their catalog, to be sure, but a comment left by our old friend Ambassador MAGMA reminded me of yet another A.C. classic, the hilarious and heartwarming Picnic of Love. It is this album that we gather to celebrate here today.
Picnic has very little repeat-listening value, and is pure novelty from start to finish. The entire album consists of little more than the psychotic "Sensitive" Seth Putnam warbling ridiculous love songs in a horrible falsetto over guitarist Josh Martin's acoustic strumming, but really, you can't deny the charm. Jams like "I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human", "Saving Ourselves for Marriage", and "In My Heart There's a Star Named After You" will have you and your special someone swaying in each other's arms well into the evening, while you sip chardonnay by a crackling fire and contemplate the many years of happy marriage ahead of you. Enjoy safely and responsibly!

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Lyrics (important!)

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Ambassador MAGMA said...

You tickle my bikini area and cozy my good china. I had no idea Valentine's could come in November!