Friday, October 15, 2010


The last great death metal album of the 1990's? Perhaps.

Released on November 15th, 1999, Nominon's debut full-length Diabolical Bloodshed encapsulated just about everything awesome about DM in the 90's, from the primordial caveman sludge to the latent thrashisms to the demonic gore worship. But then again, they had an unfair advantage (what with being from Sweden and all). So who's to say?
If you dug the shit out of that Repugnant album Peter posted awhile back, you should hesitate no further in procuring Bloodshed. Catchy, sick-as-fuck Swedish OSDM abounds!

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(I bet the bald one is the drummer)



Anonymous said...


GusDElder said...

I had sex with a swedish girl once, I had to take three showers after that. THREE, and even then I had to spend the next two hours pulling off strands of eldritch webbing.
Splendid tunes by the way, real batman.

Lord Frostdomain666 said...

The bald guy was the bass player .XD