Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bromantic Interlude: WENDY STONEHENGE

The ever handsome and mysterious Wendy Stonehenge is a prolific visual artist/drummer/vocalist/mustache enthusiast currently residing in Oakland, CA. His band Glitter Wizard is at this time both owning and enslaving the entire heavy glam scene. They’re a total doomed out, boa clad, ass shaking, riff ripping, boot stomping, skin pealing, white knuckled, mind bending, freak show of a band and I will be posting their top notch 7” later on this week. Being a friend of the blog, Wendy has agreed to contribute to my award winning series, SF on SF, with this post on HOT FOG.


It’s Sunday evening, you’ve got a two liter of Mountain Dew and your favorite set of dice. Pizza’s on its way. Only one thing left- gotta pick your soundtrack. But wait, where did your copy of Caress of Steel go? Shit, you lent it out last week and haven’t gotten it back yet. Not to worry. Your DM brought a copy of Hot Fog’s new EP, Wyvern and Children First.

Hot Fog have been shredding around San Francisco for the past three years now and they have finally decided to grace us with their first official release. Recorded and engineered by drummer, Donny Newenhouse, Wyvern is a perfect blend of fancy NWOBHM and early thrash. Triumphant vocals, dueling guitars, and a powerhouse rhythm section make it perfect gamer metal. And these guys aren’t just blowing smoke (or fog) up your ass. The band actually plays D&D together. How cool is that?

Oh yeah, and did I mention they have lasers?

And because they’re such nice and generous dudes, they have provided my favorite track for you, the reader, to download and enjoy. That’s 20% of the album for FREE. You should be so lucky.
Download “Blood Wedding” here.


stonerphonic said...

wot i (and the rest of the free world) wanna know is will the ever handsome and mysterious Wendy Stonehenge be shaving off that enthused mustache for Movember?

20% of it maybe?

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