Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"A Relapse Multi-Death Compilation"

Memories, memories...
The good ol' Corporate Death sampler. Simpler days. This was my fuckin' meat and potatoes back in the late high school years, and along with the Virus 100 comp (as well as a couple entries from the Death... Is Just The Beginning series--all on cassette, of course) defined the future evolution of my musical preferences. I guess the Macabre and Incantation jams contained herein had the biggest effect on me in the long run, but there are tons of other smoothe tunes to be enjoyed here as well (a couple clunkers, too). King Fowley, Seth Putnam, Will Rahmer, and Frank Mullen all in the same place? Fuhggin fuhgeddaboudit!
If you're a 90's DM nerd like me, Corporate Death is already your Mecca, but if you'd like to learn more about the world of metal cassamplers, check out this excellent article Stax wrote on the subject of 90's samplers over at Metal Inquisition last year. There is just so much important, esoteric metal knowledge to be passed down to younger generations. Please do your part.

Those were the good old days.

Track list:

1. Candiru - Opaque Sun
2. Amorphis - Exile of the Sons of Uisliu
3. Incantation - Emaciated Holy Figure
4. General Surgery - Crimson Concerto
5. Exit-13 - Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation
6. Dead World - Dead World
7. Convulse - Crying Back Yesterday
8. Mortician - Embalmed Alive
9. Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory
10. Candiru - Angels
11. Anal Cunt - Radio Hit
12. Deceased - Robotic Village
13. Disrupt - Religion Is A Fraud
14. Macabre - Embalmer
15. Repulsion - The Stench of Burning Death
16. Exit-13 - Diet for a New America
17. Incantation - Unholy Massacre
18. Phobia - Sickening Discreation (live)
19. Mortician - Hacked Up For Barbecue
20. Disrupt - Mind Lock
21. Convulse - Memories
22. Anal Cunt - Chump Change
23. Mortician - Abolition
24. Anal Cunt - Unbelievable
25. Suffocation - Human Waste
26. Repulsion - Maggots In Your Coffin
27. Macabre - Serial Killer
28. Disrupt - Same Old Shit
29. General Surgery - An Orgy of Flying Limbs And Gore
30. [untitled bonus track]

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Hell Crust said...

my friend has a copy of this on cassette. we always skip to disrupt, incantation, and disembowelment. heavy sampler.

scarfish69 said...

I had those comps on tape too. Death is Just the Beginning introduced to me to underground, real death metal. I still have this one, somewhere. Thanks.

SciaticPain said...

Still to this day my fave compilation tape ever- great flow, great variety- and love the whole "corporate" joke w/ the funny pics of board meetings, graphs, etc etc.

Crankenstien said...

this was a great tape! It's the st time i heard robotic village - deceased, that band is still going strong!