Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polluted Inheritance - Ecocide

For tonight's entertainment, I present Polluted Inheritance's debut LP, Ecocide. I mentioned them in my last post and I thought for symmetry's sake I would offer up another example of Dutch tech-death circa '92. You may be more acclimated to their totally limpid and accessible 2001 album, Into Darkness, which feels more like a coattails-riding cash grab (gash crab?) than anything. But back in the day, Polluted Inheritance were straight legit. They've got the rhythmic attention deficit disorder thing going with songs unfolding in unexpected ways and harmonized leads that kind of come at you out of nowhere. In that sense, they've got more in common with Retribution-era Malevolent Creation than, say, Grave. In fact, they'd fit nicely alongside some of those other Florida heavyweights but I'm not ready to take that line of thinking any farther.

Whatever you do, don't listen to the lyrics too hard because you'll probably lose your shit. In the halcyon DM age you'd hope they could do better than, "Scream out, the agony of pain!" (track six, "Fear") but apparently Polluted Inheritance could not. Not for nothing, 'the agony of pain' just doesn't sound all that brutal. No one listens to the lyrics anyway so you should be good. But, to be safe, these guys should've had the common sense to bury their lyrics in that swirling miasma like everyone else back then.


oh yeah here you go


Judge Shredd said...

I thought this was a new release or something from that crust sludge band Ecocide.

This is better though, thanks

Anonymous said...

Doomunicorn, you are on a roll, metal brother. Please keep these obscure 90s Euro death metal releases comin'...I can't get enough!