Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Delirium - Zzooouh (1990)

The Netherlands ws rly bumpin in the early 90s. They're overlooked because of (or mistaken for) early Finnish DM heavyweights like Demigod and Demilich and of course the whole Sweden thing, but the Netherlands held their own with Asphyx, Polluted Inheritance, and scores of bands imitating whatever was coming out of Finland and Sweden. Delirium's trade is classic early death/doom in equal measure, evoking Hellhammer, Bolt Thrower, and yeah, Asphyx. The lackluster production, mid-paced tempos, average playing, and guitar 4 beginner riffs will alienate the more myopic metal fans among us; to the discerning consumer, however, the songs speak for themselves, stand out from one another (more than can be said for most DM coming outta the Netherlands these days -- lookin' at you, Hail of Bullets) and combine to create a massively destructive death/doom juggernaut. No face melting here; just demon hordes impaling you slowly on creosote-slicked ship masts. Bonus points for the logo nod to Candlemass. Official certified lost classic status. DL OR DIE.


Anonymous said...

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