Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Dwarf - Between the Wall (1990)

A few months ago I ran into a post on Epicus Doomicus Metallicus about Red Dwarf's Behind the Wall. The only information offered was that it was trad doom, a "Real underground project from USA" and a tracklist. Fortunately there was a download link. After listening I became intrigued by its music and did a little "research". Red Dwarf is not on Metal Archives, and the only other thing I could find was the whole demo on the youtube, posted by the creator. During the early 90s he made several demos under the title of in his garage.
Musically it's fuzzed out trad doom with low, heavily reverbed out clean vocals of the "wizard" variety. The production is definitely of demo quality, but does not detract from its quality. There is a certain quality of "ritual" to the demo, maybe due to the steady throb of the drums, the drone of the vocals or the production. Bonus points for weird ass acoustic piece "The 9th Key:" 
 Shame this band get lost the way it did. This band coulda been a major doom game changer in the early 90's if they got more exposure. They totally predated E-Wiz's steez by a couple of years. Forgotten is an understatement.

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