Friday, November 18, 2011

Tonight on Illogical Contraption: Dr. Jacob K. Ray and Open lines 10pm-Midnight PST on

Great things like The Illogical Contraption Radio Program only happen once in a lifetime. Magic like this takes a special alignment of the planets, the gods shining their keen eye upon certain people and a special chemistry much like Billy Crystals and Meg Ryan in They Gort Mail.

By the way did you hear what Phil Anselmo said when he saw Kim Kardashian’s centerpieces at her wedding? “Now THAT’s a vulgar display of FLOWERS!” LOL LOL OLOLOL

Tonight we have writer/musician Dr. Jacob K Ray, AKA Alabama Jake, bestselling author of over 30 novels (no joke!). Including the classics SURF NAKED!, Spotting and Reporting Sex Offenders, Deadache and my personal favorite Drink Responsibly!: A How-To Guide for Drinkers who want to cut back. He’s going to tell us what life is like as a punk rock author living in a Kindle world and dishing out advice to YOU THE CALLERS.

Tonight @ 10pm-Midnight PST in Studio 1A on FCC FREE RADIO

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