Monday, November 28, 2011

Enochian Crescent - Black Church (2006)

Today's the first day in 2 weeks I've had a free moment to write, and when I'm done I'm going to reward myself by opening up Skyrim and saying goodbye to family, friends, and my new job for 200 hours.

Before I do that I'm going to present to you Enochian Crescent. They're popular enough to have their own misheard lyrics video (an honor I thought was only bestowed upon balless, soulless, spiritless, corporate little bitches, suckers of Satan's cock like Fallout Boy), but I've never heard a peep about them stateside.

Hailing from Finland, these dudes shot into the Finnish limelight in 1997 after the singer sliced himself up on stage so badly that he was hospitalized. Maybe not such a rare occurrence except that in this case they were opening up for Emperor, who refused to play until someone cleaned up all the blood. As a result they got a pretty sweet record deal. Cheers, bros.

Actually, the dudes seem to have quite a following back home. In 2006 they were nominated for Band of the Year (lost to Children of Boredom) and Album of the Year (lost to Mokoma's Kuoleman laulukunnaat... wha?) for their album Black Church. Nominated by whom? The Finnish Metal Awards.

Yea, Finland has their own awards show for metal. Pretty cool, right? But as founding member Karri Suoraniemi said in an interview for Promised Land of Heavy Metal, "Mainstream and rebellion are incompatible," and what's extreme metal without rebellion?

What happens when extreme metal becomes mainstream? Girls start showing up to metal parties, that's what.

Anyway enough pontificating, let's get to the fucking metal:

Without further ado I give you 2006's Black Church, which stood as the band's comeback full-length after a 5 year hiatus. They fall under the black metal umbrella, but they're getting a little wet. Upside down crosses? Check. Shrieking vocals? Check. Pig hearts thrown into the audience? Check. But then there's a hairless black metal Billy Corgan cutting himself on stage, group vocals, poppy riffs, a bubble machine, and this guy lurking somewhere in the background:



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JGD said...

It's cool that Powder is still keeping himself busy even though he's in a wheelchair now.

Reginald said...

Peter Garret was right to get back into music. It's a shame the political backstabbing that's so prevalent in Australia rendered him unable to dance, though. Or move much at all, for that matter.

these a beast said...

haha... ken wilbur... mr clean... the dude from the opening sequence of cube...

PS a friend alerted me to this...

dudes from EC and also the elusive mikko aspa are interviewed.

Anonymous said...

a ja dziewczyną jestem i w Polsce mieszkam. tutaj chyba jest mało znany Enochian Crescent. każdy się pyta co to, kto to, a czemu to i tamto. wiem że tego nikt nie przeczyta bo po angielsku i fińsku etc pisać nie umiem no ale co tam. nie mówcie mi że jestem jakimś pseudo fanem czy coś. oni serio mi się podobają. rozumiem ich teksty. nawet się w nie częścią wczuwam. dobra fucked, i tak nikt nie zrozumie co napisałam xD

SSatan88 said...

A widzisz ja znam :P

thenonconformist said...

Hey, the link is dead could somebody upload this album again, I need it :)