Thursday, November 10, 2011

HEMDALE - RAD JACKSON (Discography, 2002)

Yep, it's pretty generic (albeit high-quality) goregrind, and yeah, there's a bunch of corny/funny/stupid/grotesque movie samples, and sure, most of 37 songs here are only a minute or so long, and indeed, there is a zombie holding a cat on the front cover, and yes, this compilation bears the unfortunately mundane title Rad Jackson, and of course, song titles like "Buried Under A Pile Of Zombie Dung", "Demented Surgical Incest", "Licking Mental Patients Cum Off The Sheets", "Tasty Hemorrhoidal Tissue", and "Bathing In Mucus And Bile" are present, and yeah, maybe they do a Napalm Death cover or two, but lighten up, bro. I guarantee you've seen stupider things on this blog before.
Anyway, like other champions of low-brow stupidity Nunslaughter and Embalmer (anyone else remember the "Necro-Filing Cabinet"?), Hemdale came from good old Cleveland, Ohio, and released only a string of splits and ill-fated demos during the years of their "actual" existence, 1993 to 1998. Relapse scooped them up posthumously and put together the incomplete discography known as Rad Jackson in '02, as well as signing a bunch of bands from drummer Craig Rowe's label Visceral Productions when that enterprise tanked as well (Nile and Exhumed were alumni under the Visceral banner). But enough Death Metal History 101. If you're in the mood for some really fucking dumb semi-comedic splattergrind, maybe Hemdale is just the band to kill off a couple brain cells today.
Man, WTF is wrong with Cleveland anyway?

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Daniel said...

Ahh Cleveland my hometown...Where the Rock Hall is but the induction ceremonies take place in New York Shitty. I think Cleveland was rated the second poorest city in America...Anyways the new Midnight record is out go buy it!!!!! They hail from the cold tundra known as the Eastside of Cleveland, I think around East Seventy Second and St. Clair. Ya that's right Evil and darkness....Joe.

Shelby Cobras said...

... It's not Detroit.

these a beast said...

that was the most informational blog post about cleveland i've seen all day.

Shelby Cobras said...