Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I posted Caducity's 1995 classic The Weiliaon Wielder Quest a couple weeks ago, so I figured I should follow up with the excellent Whirler of Fate which they recorded just two short years later. Fate eases off on the weird fantasy elements that made its predecessor such an oddball gem--but sweetens the deal with better riffs, tighter production, and an overall darker feel. There are still plenty of Hessian nerd-boners to be had here (what the fuck is that deal with that outro?), but Caducity's sophomore effort is a much more mature and refined beast, full of crushing grooves, sickening crunch, and enough double bass to gag a rhino.
Whirler of Fate: LESS D&D, MORE MOSH.
I'm OK with that.

Download HERE

I could't really find any acceptable Caducity band photos (besides the one I already posted), so instead, here's a picture of Elvira with Groucho Glasses on her tits:


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reeferjournal said...

fucking hell, this band is great. thank you. they remind me of nocturnus.